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Carlos A. Lloreda, Jr., is a Los Angeles native who received both his Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and his Master’s Degree in public administration from the University of Southern California. Thereafter, Mr. Lloreda earned his juris doctorate from the Santa Clara University School of Law.

Mr. Lloreda, since 1980, has offices in the Mid-Wilshire/Hancock Park area of Los Angeles. He grew up in Los Angeles and presently offices a mile away from where he grew up and went to grammar school.  Indeed, he is a lifelong Angeleno.

Mr. Lloreda is fully bilingual in Spanish/English and bicultural in that his family in 1923 became the first Colombians to take up residence in Los Angeles.

Mr. Lloreda is licensed to practice in all California State courts as well as the Central District for the 9th Circuit of the United States Federal Court. He is also certified to practice in the 5th Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals of the Federal Court.

The Law Office of Carlos A. Lloreda, Jr., emphasizes the representation of plaintiffs in serious personal injury and wrongful death cases. Mr. Lloreda has obtained numerous 7-figure awards via jury verdict and settlement on behalf of his personal injury and wrongful-death-case clients. Mr. Lloreda enjoys an AV rating from the Martindale Hubbell Directory of Attorneys. An AV rating is the highest rating given by the Martindale Hubbell Directory of Attorneys and reflects a preeminent rating.

During his career, Mr. Lloreda has represented substantial institutional clients as defendants including the Hughes Aircraft Company, the Raytheon Company, the University of Southern California (his alma mater), and the insureds of The Travelers Insurance Company and the Hartford Insurance Company.

Mr. Lloreda, in addition, for 30 years has involved himself in matters pertinent to attorney conduct and attorney fee disputes. From 1984-1987, Mr. Lloreda served, by appointment of the Board of Governors, on the State Bar of California’s Standing Committee on Professional Responsibility and Conduct (“COPRAC”). COPRAC’s duties included assisting in the amendment to the California Rules of Professional Conduct and the issuing of formal ethics opinions.

Mr. Lloreda is the Principal Author of State Bar of California Formal Ethics Opinion, Formal Opinion No. 1986-1990. Mr. Lloreda was the author of “Ethical Considerations Pertinent to Attorney-Client Fee Arrangements,” Continuing Education of the Bar, September 2003. Additionally, has been Mr. Lloreda has a been a frequent speaker to local bar organizations on the topics of the California rules of professional conduct, as well as attorney fee and attorney conduct matters.

Mr. Lloreda’s most-recognized case is the matter of Roos v. Red, which is cited at 130 Cal.App.4th 870. Succinctly put, it involved a $1 million judgement arising from the wrongful deaths of two young men caused by a motorist on Wilshire Boulevard in West Los Angeles. In this case, Mr. Lloreda was required to be successful in two different trials (a bankruptcy court trial in Austin, Texas, and a jury trial in Santa Monica, California) and three appellate courts (an appeal to the district court in Austin, Texas; an appeal to the 5th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals; and an appeal to the 2nd Court of Appeals in California). This case is the leading authority on the legal principle of collateral estoppel. The Roos v. Red case is an example of Mr. Lloreda’s tenacity and perseverance. Attorney Lloreda filed the case against Mr. Red in California.

Mr. Red tried to evade is his responsibility for causing the death of these two young men by filing for bankruptcy in Texas.

Mr. Lloreda chased Mr. Red to Texas and got a judgement against Mr. Red in bankruptcy court there. This prevented Mr. Red from having the wrongful death case against him discharged in California.

Mr. Red appealed the bankruptcy judgement to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Mr. Lloreda pursued Mr. Red to Louisiana, and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal affirmed the Texas bankruptcy court ruling.

Mr. Lloreda returned to California, and he succeeded in getting the Santa Monica Superior Court to adopt the Texas bankruptcy court’s ruling that Mr. Red was liable for the deaths of the two young men involved in this matter. In addition to that, the Santa Monica jury awarded judgment for plaintiffs against Mr. Red in the sum of $1,012,000.

Mr. Red then appealed the Santa Monica superior court judgment of $1,012,000 to the Second District Court of Appeals in California. The Second District Court of Appeal, in turn, affirmed the Santa Monica court ruling.

Mr. Red finally appealed that ruling to the California Supreme Court, which declined to hear his appeal.

Attorney Carlos A. Lloreda, Jr., is a determined and tenacious fighter.

Regarding attorney conduct matters, Mr. Lloreda has served as an expert witness in litigation relative to attorney fee disputes and attorney conduct. For over 30 years, Mr. Lloreda has served as fee arbitrator for Los Angeles County Bar Association.

  • Admitted in 1979, California
  • U.S. District Court
  • Central District of California
  • U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit
  • Santa Clara University, Class of 1977, J.D.
  • University of Southern California, Class of 1970, B.A., Pol. Science
  • University of Southern California, Class of 1974, M.P.A.
Associations & Memberships
  • Los Angeles County Bar Association (Member, Attorney-Client Relations Committee, 1982-1984; Fee Arbitrator, Attorney-Client Fee Disputes, 1983-1990)
  • State Bar of California (Member, Standing Committee on Professional Responsibility and Conduct, 1984-1987)
  • Spanish